Pikashow APK
28 Jul, 2021

Pikashow APK (Official) Latest Version v65 Free Download

Pikashow APK Introduction

Practically everyone is enjoying movies and dozens of streaming apps. All of them are accessible and downloadable from the internet; finding the right one for you might be difficult.

So, the programs may not be free to use. Some of the highlighted streaming applications like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, GHD Sports, Oreo TV, Typhoon TV, Redbox TV, and Thop TV exist on the internet.

These are the OTT platforms that work as android apps comprised of an effective user interface and a vast library of content. Here, we will discuss Pikashow APK in this article.

What is Pikashow APK?

Pikashow APK is one of the quality apps for streaming different types of entertainment on your smartphone.

People like to spend their free time viewing movies, but the unfortunate reality is that many video streaming applications are paid and filled with adverts.

Don’t be concerned. The best benefit is that it is free, allows you to watch your favorite show without spending any money.

Pikashow APK

The Best Features of Pikashow APK

Pikashow MOD APK stands out from the crowd due to its unique characteristics, so take a look at them:

  • The good thing is that you may download any movie and enjoy it at any moment on your smartphone.
  • You can also share the movies with your friends and family.
  • Pikashow v62 APK may be used on almost any device, including Smart TVs and Firesticks. Now get the app and enjoy your favorite shows.
  • You don’t need Wi-Fi or anything like that for your favorite TV streaming. The app also works well with your mobile data.
  • There are numerous categories to choose from, whether you’re a movie fanatic or a sports fan. You’re covered with Pikashow TV.
  • The library in this app is updated daily, so you may view the most recent movies and shows.
  • You may also use this software to watch live television from a variety of networks.
  • All of the most recent Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian films
  •  are included.
  • The most popular show, Big Boss 24 Hrs Live, is included in this app.

Application Screenshots

Pikashow APK
Pikashow APK

More Info

App NamePikaShow APK
File Size11 MB
Current Versionv165 (Latest Update)
Developer Official Websitepikashow.net
PriceFree of Cost

Some other features of Pikashow APK

  • Pikashow APP includes a good design and user-friendly interface.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Your device doesn’t need to root to install this app
  • Includes a high-quality and wide-range collection of TV shows and movies.

How To Install Pikashow APK Wikipedia?

Pikashow apk is a user-friendly streaming app that you can download to any Android device. Regardless of whether it’s rooted or not, the version should be higher than Android 4.0. To download and install Pikashow APK Wikipedia on your device, follow the steps below.

  • Download the most recent version of Pikashow APK. If you can’t find it, I’ll provide it to you below. Select the option to download.
  • In the Security column of your mobile device’s settings app, allow Unknown Source Installation. You have now confirmed that you wish to install this APK on your phone.
  • Now, open your Android smartphone and navigate to the downloaded APK file. It could be a file manager or any other type of storage system.
  • When you tap on the Pikashow apk, the system will ask you to install it. Continue the process by clicking on it.

Final words

You should be aware of the features and benefits. Everything has been discussed in great depth. I implore everyone to utilize this app responsibly.

So, that it can improve it further. In the digital streaming era, the Pikashow APP has become a recent sensation. You must be aware of it after reading the entire article.

 It came with a small number of channels at first. However, I ask that you do not remove the software because of this.

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New ML Skin Injector APK (Latest Version) v1.8 Free Download

Death TV Injector APK (Latest Version) v36 Free Download

New ML Skin Injector
27 Jul, 2021

New ML Skin Injector APK (Latest Version) v1.8 Free Download

New ML Skin Injector

Every MOBA player wishes to alter the gameplay of a particular game, either for a fee or through hacks. On the other hand, the bulk of gamers go the second method and install mod tools on their Android phones.

Fans of Mobile Legends Bang Bang discover various injector apps, and some of the best are available here, like New IMoba 2021, Abstraction Emote Injector, and others. And they are playing the game in the same way that others who have paid for premium features do. Install the New ML Skin Injector (Cyber Patcher) right now if you’re looking for a powerful tool to change the MLBB gameplay.

In every way, the New ML Skin Injector APK is free to use. Furthermore, you will not invest in ML Diamonds or other currencies. To summarize, forgo the purchase procedures to unlock all skins. It has a lot more intriguing and hidden characteristics. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

Without a doubt, the Death TV Injector gives you access to nearly all of the 450+ ML Skins for free. However, it appears to be impossible. It is, nevertheless, completely accurate. And we can call it Mobile Legends’ most complete and helpful tool. This golden app also provides access to additional information about the ML game.

App Screenshots

New ML Skin Injector

What is New ML Skin Injector 2021?

A new patch program for Android and iOS users allows them to tweak or adjust some aspects of the MLBB game.

Box Skin Injector 2021 works in the same way as other patcher apps, but it’s specifically developed for MLBB, so users won’t be able to use it with any other Android app or game.

The reason is that the developers design all hacks and scripts specifically for ML games. Players will find many new and beautiful writings in this app APK that will assist them in unlocking all-new features in the game.

ML injectors are unlawful to download and use, so this software isn’t easily accessible on the internet. It’s only available on third-party websites.

Features of New ML Skin Injector 2021

Here, you can find the fantastic features of the New ML skin Injector 2021.

  • The most attractive dark mode for users
  • Download it without any charges and use it without spending any money.
  • It doesn’t bother you with advertisements or anything else.
  • A clear, straightforward menu will help you.
  • You’ll find new and updated information.
  • New ML Skin Injector is a safe and dependable MLBB injector app.
  • You can find multiple cheats in one location.
  • A large number of skins are available for free.

As previously stated, that application includes a series of unique cheats that are important for every Mobile Legends BB gamer.

We now have a new version of MLBB that requires more efficiency to inject the cheats. Older injecting tools have given up and are no longer functional, while the New ML Skin Injector New Version injects like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Final Words

For Mobile Legends, there are a few injector apps. However, New ML Skin Injector APK is the only one. Because it has the most skins, none of your other favorite tools can compare to it.

Finally, dress up your ML characters in new and fashionable outfits to make them invincible. If it appeals to you, and click the link to download the APK file for free.

Install it and start the game after granting the necessary permissions. On the other hand, we’d want to make one thing clear. It is third-party software with no ties to the official game.

death TV Injector
27 Jul, 2021

Death TV Injector APK (Latest Version) v36 Free Download

Death TV injector is One Of the Best tools for MLBB Of All-time. Mobile Legends bang bang is fun to play nether you Solo or with your partner. Here we came with another tool for MLBB Death TV Injector for MLBB. The special feature is about this injector death Tv Injector is easy to use many of Other injector is hard to understand. Death TV Injector is yet another great mobile legend skins and hero custom injector tool. The mod has a costume injection tool and the mod completely designed regarding user interface and offers. I recommend you Zaxius Domain Injector try this to enjoy the batter gaming experience.

Application Screenshot

death tv injector

How to Download the APK file?

  • Click on the icon ” Download” at the top or tap on the direct download links given at the end of this post. 
  • Allow the ” Installation from Unknown Sources” by visiting your phone’s settings i.e privacy /safety/security settings. 
  • Visit your phone’s file manager and click on the downloaded APK present in the downloaded files.
  • Press the option ” Install” and launch the application. 

How to use Death TV Injector?

  • Initially downloads the APK of the application.
  • When done, install it and allow the permissions.
  • After that, select the role you want to use.
  • Now, choose the skin hero and wait until the download is complete.
  • Then just open the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game.
  • You can try injected skins in any mode of the game.

Skin Unlocked:

All your favorite hero skin and costumes are unlocked.

Recall Effect:

Special recall effects are available for every hero.

Easy to use:

Just choose your favorite character and download inject the skin code.

No Ban:

By using a VPN related to this, you will not receive a ban.


Every feature accessible in Death TV Injector is free.

Update File:

Death TV instantly updates the file as soon as new items arrive.

Permanent Skin:

These are permeant skin that won’t fade away once you close the game.

Weekly Giveaway:

The developer of the app performance a weekly giveaway for selected skins.

One-Click install:

Just download and install it’s that simple.

Final Words

As I have shared all the necessary information about Death TV Injector. Now, it is totally up to you that, you are going to love it or not. I just want to tell you that, this application provides you unlimited benefits. So, download the application and reach the gameplay on its advanced level without any charges and afford.

If the given links are not working fine or if you face any difficulty while using them, you can share your problem with us in the comments section. Our team will really appreciate that and definitely help you out with the issue. 

Abstraction Emote Injector
16 Jul, 2021

Abstraction Emote Injector APK v1.0 Free Download

Abstraction Emote Injector is a quick, direct message that players use to communicate with one another during a fight. The majority of the time, gamers use these emotes to express their emotions to their teammates. As a result, it describes how you are feeling at the time. Mobile Legends Bang Bang combines all of its characteristics to create an excellent battle game. Its allure has enthralled tens of millions of regular gamers.

People like to spend most of their leisure time playing this strategic game with a wide range of gaming options. Additionally, they are developing technologies that will allow players to access the game’s premium resources.

They do it without spending any money because it enriches the essence of gaming. Similarly, Abstraction Emote Injector APK is a tool. The app developers design it to supplying you with more than just the standard ML emotes.

What is Abstraction Emote Injector?

Emote Injector APK also expresses your indignation, joy, wonder, courage, excitement, and other feelings.

It is undeniably not an item that will aid a player in combat. Nonetheless, many ML fans regard it as an essential aspect of the game. Players use it to show off their power and abilities to other MLBB members. As a result, if you’re looking for a way to inject ML into your battles, Box Skin Injector is the tool for you. Now is the time to download the mobile app and take advantage of any freebies.

Abstraction Emote Injector APK, on the other hand, is solely for getting and injecting emoticons for free. If you believe it is necessary, then download the app. To open it successfully, you must also choose a password. If you’re one of them, download Abstraction Emote Injector to have access to a large number of free emoticons.

App Screenshots

Abstraction Emote Injector

Why is Abstraction Emote Injector so Beneficial?

  • There are just a handful of geniuses in the world. Death TV Injector allows you to use ML Battle Emotes.
  • It is entirely free to use.
  • Use this light and easy injector software.
  • It’s simple to insert an emote icon.
  • There isn’t a single advertisement in it.
  • The application is password-protected.
  • Root the device is not necessary to install or use

 the app

  • A practical, up-to-date, and novel tool
  • Impress your friends with one-of-a-kind ML Emotes.
  • For the fans, it’s much fun.

How To Install Abstraction Emote Injector ML 2021?

Here, you can follow some instructions to install your app.

  • Download the Abstraction Emote Injector ML 2021, and you can find it on various websites.
  • Enable the permission from Unknown Sources of your device’s setting
  • Double-click on the app, and it will start to install
  • It’s done, and enjoy

How To Use Abstraction Emote Injector APK?

  • Open the Emote Injector APK on your device.
  • Allow the app to use your SD card to save the data
  • Finally, you will find four emoticons.
  • Click on the inject button to use them in the MLBB game.
  • You will find the emoticon on your device.

Final Words

Android developers are presenting a variety of tools based on Mobile Legends’ characteristics. Some devices are all-in-one, while others are focusing more.

Finally, if you set a high value on combat emotes in MLBB, you must pay ML diamonds to gain them. On the other hand, the alternative is right in front of you, and it will save you money and in-game currency. So, to begin using free emotions, download the Abstraction Emote Injector ML APK file.

Abstraction Emote Injector Password

While installing the app, you can use the below password to open it. This way you will be able to use the app for free.

                             Password = ABSTRACTION?
CCaster ESP
16 Jul, 2021

CCaster ESP PUBG APK v9.0 [Root/No Root] Free Download

Various games are getting fame worldwide, and PUBG is one of them after its introduction, and it’s clear that the mania isn’t going away anytime soon. Every new PUBG player wants to hack the game to gain access to all of the premium features that aid them in their gameplay.

Download and install the latest ESP APP, “CCaster ESP APK,” on your smartphone or tablet if you want to hack the PUBGM game. The ultimate survivor in this survival shooting game is the one who overcomes all obstacles and defeats opponents.

The road to becoming the ultimate survivor is not simple; many players abandon the game halfway through because it becomes increasingly challenging.

The Box Skin injector Update APK is a fantastic app because in-app purchases prevent you from acquiring your favorite skins, but you can achieve whatever skin you want for frees using this mod-installer.

CCaster ESP APK For Android

CCaster ESP APK For Android is a well-developed PUBG with numerous variations, unlike your typical PUBG. Each app version is better than the previous one. It has many distinguishing features that set it separate from other things.

That’s why the developers design to accomplish the work that a player can’t. Even professional gamers seek assistance from these instruments. There are hundreds of them available online, with more features every day. Some are easily recognized by the game’s security mechanism, while many new ones go undiscovered.

With CCaster’s virtual features, you’ll be all over the place. CCaster ESP Key will grant you exceptional abilities that will allow you to kill opponents, making this voyage a breeze quickly. Is there anything else you require?

CCaster ESP

Features of CCaster ESP

Here are the following the best features of the CCaster ESP.

  • Identification of Bots and Players
  • Linex, Box, Bones, Names, TeamID, and HP Information are all available in the game.
  • Color of Enemies – Amount Based [Green, Orange, Red]
  • Distance-Based 360 Alerts [Yellow, Orange, Red]
  • ON/OFF teammate Enemy Amounts in ESP
  • Items and Vehicles Warning: ESP Grenade
  • Adjustable High Performance and Text Size Optimization

How To Download CCaster ESP Free?

It may appear that downloading this fantastic utility is complicated, but it is not. You require only a few seconds to set it up and get started. To get CCaster ESP Free, follow these instructions.

  • Because this is a third-party app, it is not available on the Google Play Store; therefore, you must download it from a third-party link.
  • To install a third-party app on your phone, enable Unknown Sources in your security settings.
  • After you’ve enabled Unknown Sources, you’ll need to restart your computer. Please search for the downloaded file in File Manager and double-click it.
  • You’ll see an installation window appear on the screen, and you’ll need to click the install button.
  • It requires few moments to install, and you will be ready to go.
  • After the setup, go to the menu, browse the app icon, and click it to launch the app.
  • Examine its features and prepare to be surprised.

This app is the best PUBG AMG game when everything is said and done since it combines all of the essential features into a single package.

There’s no need to look elsewhere for your favorite because practically everything you need is right here. So that you won’t block from the game, use CCaster ESP Cracked wisely as you move through the game.

Final Words

CCaster ESP APK PUBG 9.0 for Android is the most recent ESP hack for PUBG Mobile, allowing users to hack the game for free.

If you want to hack the PUBGM game, you can do so by downloading this new program and sharing it with your family and friends. You can find more apps and contests by subscribing to our page.

Box Skin Injector
15 Jul, 2021

Box Skin Injector APK (Latest Version) v4.8 Free Download

Do you want to gain all of the epic legend and other unique skins in MLBB for free New Box Skin and become one of the game’s pro players? If so, you should download the latest version of the New Box Skin Injector APK for Android smartphones. Since the beginning of the game, it has been one of the best injectors.

The Box Skin Injector 2021 includes all of the different talented heroes and their color skins, various effects, a drone perspective of multiple ranges, backgrounds, and more. As a result, you can’t pass up this chance without giving it a shot on your Android device.

Mobile Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Combat Arena) game. You will utilize in the battle to defend and defeat your opponents.

The game is trendy in the United States and other parts of the world. The player in Mobile Legends must gather numerous types of heroes. Heroes assist the player in achieving tremendous battle triumphs.

Mobile Legends is known for its excellent gameplay and its incredible aesthetics, and diverse cast of characters. You can own over 95 characters to defend and fight for yourself.

What is Box Skin Injector?

The Box Skin Injector is a program that allows you to inject cheats, hacks, and mods into video games. Users can also use this method to add their favorite skin to the game.

The Box Skin injector Update APK is a fantastic app because in-app purchases prevent you from acquiring your favorite skins, but you can achieve whatever skin you want for frees using this mod-installer.

Because this app is for MLBB fans, it is not available on Google Play or Apple App Stores, but you can download it through the internet.

App Screenshots

Features Of The Box Skin Injector APK

Because the application’s primary purpose is to supply you with all of the most recent ML skins, you may find hundreds of new and premium skin coats for all types of characters, including Tanks, Marksmen (MM), Assassins, Mage, Fighters, and Support.

  • Spawn, Eliminate, Emotes + Voice, and Analogs are just a few of the effects available.
  • There are also some lovely background themes.
  • The Box Skin Injector APK also has a drone view option,Download New IMOBA which allows you to manipulate everything on the battlefield and finish your opponents before they finish you.
  • Fix all skins’ bugs.
  • All-new, unreleased skins are available.
  • It’s completely free to use.
  • The user interface is simple.

Some other features

  • Simple UI
  • Double Kill.
  • Multiple versions.
  • No Advertisements.
  • inject cheats
  • 100% Working
  • Free to download.
  • game tutorials
  • Unlimited skins
  • no need to sign in or sign up

How To Install New Box Skin Free?

  • First, download New Box skin using the provided links or the download button above.
  • Enable the permission from “Unknown Sources.”
  • In your File Manager, look for the APK file in the Download folder.
  • Double-click the APK file to install the app.
  • Launch the application after it’s finished.
  • When you open it, the menu section has all of the skins and additional tricks and hacks. Choose and press the “Inject” button.
  • Similarly, for Backgrounds and Effects, touch on “Resources” and select the desired one before hitting the “Inject” button once more.
  • It’s all finished.

Final Words

New Box Skin Injector APK does provide free access to all paid skins for all MLBB characters. All of the necessary in-game supplies are merely a click away now that you have this fantastic application. So No, other programs cannot compete with the injector’s functionality. So, download it and enjoy. Through the application, you’ll also be able to improve your skills.

14 Jul, 2021

Download New IMOBA 2021 APK Free For Android

New IMOBA 2021 Review

What if the users can change Mobile Legends in every way without spending any money? Yes, it is achievable with New IMoba 2021, a sophisticated and intelligent tool.

Skins, effects, drone view, maps, and backdrop hacks exist in this comprehensive application. As a result, all the players or game lovers can use practically all of MLBB’s locked or premium features without difficulty.

Allow yourself to employ your gaming talents better to boost your morale and interest in combat.

On the other hand, the new iMOBA 2021 injector ml is a good substitute for i-MOBA Bangmamet, which serves a similar purpose. The app developers design everything about the game, from the user interface to the accessible hacks to gratify fans.

What is New IMOBA 2021 ML?

The popularity of injector apps depends on the number of users. Similarly, New IMoba 2021 ML is a user-friendly software that allows you to access many MLBB premium services.

If you use mod tools regularly, you will quickly forget about them. The reason for this is because this injector is not only adept at allowing you to download various hacks but also simple and easy to use.

Its appealing user interface has the potential to turn you into a fan. New IMOBA 2021 update does satisfy all of its commitments on a first-come, first-served basis.

To give you an example, you can get specific high-end ML hero costumes for free. It is, without a doubt, genuine without the use of diamonds or money.

It has a better and more extensive perspective of the battlefield while on the move to spot adversaries lurking behind things.

Free combat effects will then brighten your day. Among the top injector applications for MLBB, it is apparent that Zaxius Domain Injector has certain secondary qualities.

Applications Screenshots

New IMoba 2021

The Fantastic Cheats in New IMoba 2021 Injector ML

Many Free Skins

This program will intelligently and effectively improve your selected characters. So, for Mage, MM, Assassin, Fighter, Support, and Tank, unlock various pro costumes.

Excellent Map

The creator of New IMoba 2021 Injector ML has specifically added several new custom maps that are in better condition. Users may rest sure that there will be no downtime.

Drone View

The next advantage it delivers is a larger and more expansive drone perspective. Even when using a 7x drone camera, the graphical quality is maintained.

Battle or War Effects

Surprisingly, the users use maximal effects to decorate the game lobby.


You can explore the rest of the features under the More Menu banner. These are fantastic items to help you become a professional player.

  • Battle Emotes
  • Unlock Themes for backgrounds, and analog custom MLBB Custom Intro for MLBB

Emotes allow you to communicate with your buddies. While the other three features will enable you to customize your gameplay as you see fit. As a result, you’ll be able to brag about your abilities to your peers. Without a doubt, it will boost your worth.

How to install iMOBA?

  • Open any file manager and negotiate to the downloaded location.
  • Tap the APK file. Here Android Security will ask you to enable the Unknown Sources option. Turn on
  • Now go back to the identical place and install iMOBA Injector on your Android device.
  • Open it and let it save.
  • Now select the option on the home page and play the game.

Final Words

New IMoba 2021 APK is, however, a third-party app. It is, nevertheless, entirely safe for use. From the moment it arrived, we could see that it was true.

As a result, its value grows with each update. We usually recommend using Guest Accounts for such mod tools to keep your device and ML account safe.

The primary reason for this is that if you are banned, all of your progress is lost. To yet, we have not received any complaints about New IMoba 2021 Injector APK. As a result, you can install this securer tool without hesitation.

Zaxius Domain
25 Jun, 2021

Zaxius Domain Injector APK v2.3 (Zolaxis Patcher) – Free Download

We are going to add one more ML tool for our MOBA fans. Zaxius Domain is what I am talking about and you are free to use this app on any Android phone that you want to. But before that, you should download the app.

We have previously shared different kinds of skin injectors for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. But this one is quite unique and offers one extra feature that every one of you wants to have.

But before that, it would be easier for you if you download the latest version of the Zaxius Domain ML Apk for your Android phones. We have provided the direct download link right at the end of this page.

App Screenshots


What is Zaxius Domain?

Zaxius Domainr is a hacking tool for the MOBA gaming app. That allows you to unlock all the paid skins including the expensive ones. Apart from that, you can also inject different kinds of Maps. The unique point of this app is that it automatically fixes the bugs and errors that come during unlocking skins.

Therefore, it is quite unique and helpful for the users who are first time going through such a tool. However, again this is a free hacking tool and there you don’t need to pay anything for that. Just grab the Apk file for your Android phones and then install it. We have provided the latest package file.

There are so many costumes and heroes in the game which are paid. Even some of those are quite expensive and it is almost out of the reach for so many players. But fortunately, there are so many expert fans of MOBA who have launched tools like Zaxius Domainr ML to help such ML fans across the globe.

So, it basically works with every Android phone. It is just like an injector where you are supposed to tap on any skin and then it takes some time to penetrate that skin. So, when you will open the game you get that costume. Similarly, this application works in that way. So, just select and inject the hack.

However, there are more to come in the next updates. Therefore, I am recommending all of you to keep visiting this page for more and future updates. But before that, you need to download the latest package file right from this page. Tap on the direct download link.

Key Features

There are so many amazing features you are going to have in the Zaxius Domain Apk. But I have tried to point out some of those right here in this article for you guys. So, you will come to know what it is about and what you are going to have in the app. So, let’s see the features.

  • It is a free Skin injector app for Mobile Legends Bang Bang and there are no premium features.
  • It has one unique feature that allows you to fix bugs in the game and removes errors from the game that are mostly caused by the injectors.
  • It works smoothly and takes less time to inject cheat.
  • There are different kinds of heroes and characters to select and apply their premium costumes.
  • It is a newly updated app that is compatible with the latest game update.
  • It does not ask you to sign up or log in while using your gaming account details.
  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Final Words

Zaxius Domain is a lightweight tool for ML and runs smoothly on all android devices. It allows getting more Specials skins for your special character. So there are no more words left to say. Gets this tool from my website and enjoy